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Luck and the Market

vendredi 23 octobre 2009, par Hugh Lazenby

Thèmes : Inégalités | Egalité des chances

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In this paper I will address the question of how we should construe market transactions from the perspective of luck egalitarianism. The dominant view of what luck egalitarianism requires in market transactions can be summarized as follows,

Since any transaction must be freely agreed to by both agent’s, all inequalities arising from transactions are a matter of option luck for both agents.

On this view, luck egalitarianism considers the market as an ’anything goes arena’. Further, the inequalities luck egalitarianism construed this way will legitimate, is often seen as providing a reductio ad absurdum against luck egalitarianism as a principle of equality or justice. I will be proposing that luck egalitarianism does have specific things to say about the fairness of market transactions.

Plan : 1.The Question 2.What is Luck Egalitarianism 3.Format of the Presentation 4.The Simple Case 5. 6. Objection 7. Two Caveats 8. Summary 9. The Complex Case 10. Herbs and Potatoes Model 11. 12. 13. Sandbu’ Partial Insurance 14. 15. 16.

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par Hugh Lazenby

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