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Gender Influence on the Succession Planning in Family-Owned Businesses

mardi 27 octobre 2009, par Azucena Vicente, Covadonga Aldamiz-Echevarría, Idoia Idígoras

Thèmes : Genre et sexualité

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This project mainly proposes a research initiative to investigate the succession process in family business, and mainly the factors that may inhibit women from entering their family’s business in a managerial or decision making capacity. To this aim we will examine both obstacles and positive aspects of women’s involvement in family firms and her important/unimportant role in the continuity of the family firm. Afterwards, we will compare data from literature review with the information obtained in our qualitative study in order to improve knowledge in this field of research. Gender has been one of the inputs traditionally used in the succession planning in family-owned businesses. The result of this gender fact used to be that women were excluded from the management of those businesses unless there were no other family members that could be potential successors. In those cases, as it was the only way to keep the business in the family, women became managers. In the last years, things seem to be changing and to demonstrate it we carried out a qualitative research. To this aim we conducted sixty in-depth interviews to managers that are preparing their family business succession or it had already taken place. We studied the determinant factors to become a successor, the role of mothers in this process, the advantages and disadvantages of women in the family business and the interest showed by women in entering the family business as well as the problems they face to conciliate professional career with family life and children care.

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par Azucena Vicente, Covadonga Aldamiz-Echevarría, Idoia Idígoras

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