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Le mercredi 24 juin 2009 - 09h

Workshop "Social commitments" - Université de Provence

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L’université de Provence annonce le troisième workshop des workshop de mars à juin 2009 : "Social commitments", les 24, 25 et 26 juin 2009.

The philosophy of the social sciences can first address its own agenda, in an almost autonomous way. Second, it can favor its links with the more general agenda of the philosophy of sciences. Third, it can focus on the issues of the social sciences themselves (sociology, economics, ethnology, history, etc.). In the first two cases, philosophers meet philosophers ; in the third one, philosophers meet the specialists of the social sciences. The three workshops organized by theUniversity of Provence (Aix-Marseille I), in March and June 2009, within the context of a program of invited professors at the Department of Sociology, follow this third path.

The third workshop (June 24-25-26) is focused on the concept of social commitment. The notion of commitment has been addressed in many ways in the contemporary social sciences, from Amartya Sen’s “commitment” to Thomas Schelling’s and Jon Elster’s “pre-commitment” to Margaret Gilbert’s “joint commitment”. The keynote speaker of the present workshop is Margaret Gilbert.


Wednesday June 24 Afternoon

15. 00. Opening speech

15. 30 – 17.30. Keynote speaker : Margaret Gilbert (U.California, Irvine, USA), “Remarks on joint commitment”

17.30 Break

18. 00 Antonella Carassa (U.Lugano, Switzerland), Marco Colombetti (U. Lugano & Politecnico, Milano, Italy) & Francesca Morganti (U. Bergamo, Italy), “Intersubjectivity and Joint Commitment”.

19.00 Drinks

Thursday June 25 Morning

9. 00 " Richard Arena & Alain Raybaut (GREDEG, U. Nice/Sophia Antipolis & CNRS), “Forms of rationality and social dynamics”

10.00 Alban Bouvier (U. Provence, Aix & IJN, Paris), “Joint commitment, Coercion and Freedom in Science. Conceptual Analysis and Case Studies”

11. 00 Break

11.30 Bernard Conein (U. Sophia-Antipolis, Nice & GSPM, Paris), “Before joint commitment, mutual engagement : a social cognition perspective on joint action”.

12. 30 Lunch

Thursday June 25 Afternoon

15. 00 Paul Roth (U.California, Santa Cruz, USA), “‘Hier ist kein Warum’:Philosophical Reflections on the Social Psychology of Genocide”

16. 00 Pierre Livet (U. Provence, Aix), “Collective agency and emotional sharing”

17. 00 Break

17. 30 Claude Gamel (U. Paul Cézanne, Aix & GREQAM), “Que faire de "l’approche par les capacités ? Pour une lecture "rawlsienne" de l’apport de Sen”.

18.30 Drinks or dinner (to be specified)

Friday June 26 Morning

9. 00 Jesus Zamora (Open U., Madrid, Spain), “Modelling reasoning and commitment”

10. 00. Sylvie Thoron, (GREQAM, Marseille) “Step by step commitment in international negotiations”

11.00 Break

11. 30. Piet Strydom (Cork U., Ireland), “’On Normative Commitment : Towards a Theory of Constitutive Mechanisms”

12. 30. Lunch

Organization : Alban Bouvier Département de sociologie de l’Université de Provence

École doctorale « Espaces, Cultures et Sociétés »

With the collaboration of the « Programme TICOOP (programme régional (PACA) Coopération et Technologie informationnelle) »

par Solange Chavel

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